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Commercial Roofing Inspection in Fayetteville

If you are in charge of maintenance of an industrial complex or extensive property in the Fayetteville, GA area, you know you it can be a fair amount of work to complete roofing maintenance projects. Even when completing a full replacement, it can be a lengthy task to find the best local contractors to do your project. Choosing to work with a professional roof consultant, our team can understand what roofing maintenance services are required for your project, help in formulating a roofing budget, and implement our relationships with experienced roofing professionals to put you in touch with a roofer that will be able to complete your project.

If you are working in conjunction with a commercial roof consultant, we will provide three primary services. First, you will get a professional and extensive roof condition assessment to find out if there are different roofing materials being used on your properties or various roofs. We use the latest in thermal drone imaging to search for a variety of potential issues that are commonly found affecting roofs here. The second is help with coming up with a budget for regular preventative maintenance for your property. This will help keep costs reasonable over time. The final service is management of your roofing project. Despite the fact that we will not be performing the roofing maintenance service, our experts can oversee the job to ensure everything is performed correctly and in line with what your property requires.

Professional Commercial Roofing Inspection

When you manage commercial buildings, larger warehouses, apartment buildings, or other property that has multiple roofs, you are aware that it is a time investment and can be very costly to perform regular investigations of those roofs. Our professionals are capable of performing extensive and thorough inspections of any type of commercial roofing materials. Upon completion, we will provide you with a comprehensive report that explains the work completed, the results of the inspection, and our professional recommendations for the next course of action.

In the past, when you roof was inspected, the inspector walked around on the roof to find issues with the roof, look for damage, and water getting through the roof. When doing inspections this way, there is a higher likelyhood for missed issues and it is nearly impossible for the inspector to know what is happening below the roof line. Even a roof that seems to be dry could actually have unseen leaks and water soaking into the insulation inside the roof. For this reason, we only use the best in thermal drone imaging technology to properly view the state of the roof, and complete a better evaluation of the area which can ultimately lead to reduced maintenance costs and a correct repair of the problem.

Infrared Thermal Drone Imaging

Infrared Thermal Drone Imaging in Fayetteville

To avoid the problems of potentially hidden water incursions with roofs, we work with the latest trend in roof inspection technololgy. This means we will be using infrared thermal drone imaging to completely see the roof of the building. The drone and camera combination allow us to see hot and cool spots on the roof and track down the precise locations where there are issues. Inspecting roofs with infrared cameras provides us with a huge advantage when completing the inspection as we can see both small and large differences in temperature which lets us know where any problems are so we can perform more thorough manual inspections of those areas. With this we will not only locate these changes in temperature, we can find wet spots and moisture infiltration to find moist insulation inside the roof. Once we know precisely where the problems lie, we can help you make a more informed decision about what repairs need to be completed on your property.

Preventive Maintenance and Roof Replacement Budgeting

Roof Replacement Budgeting in Fayetteville

If you are counting on a budget to determine when maintenance is done to your bulidings, it is critical that you understand the actual costs of roof repair, regular maintenance, and replacement. As a result of working with a thorough roof consultant, we can both help you understand the existing condition of your roof but also the total costs of keeping the roofs properly maintained over many years. To help us do this, we offer a pre-bid consultancy for all roofs we inspect. Our team can work with you to define, plan, and schedule the preventive maintenance for your commercial location, warehouse, or apartment complex. Due to the fact that we create a plan that is for your exact buildings and not a general plan for a theoretical building, it is much easier to help you come up with a budget around the care and maintenance because the costs are precise.

Commercial Roofing Project Management

Roofing Replacement Project Management in Fayetteville

Correct maintenace and installation of a new roof is something that is hard for a building owner or manager to know has been performed. Because of this we offer total roofing project management to building owners and property managers. Through the years we have formed relationships with local commercial roofing contractors and we strive to ensure they will complete the job correctly as we have covered in the plan. These services are just a natural extension of our pre-bid and post-bid consulting services and work in conjunction with each other to ensure our clients projects are completed correctly. In order to ensure that your commercial roofing project will follow all building codes, stated design specifications and the requirements of the roofing materials manufacturer is to work with a roofing specialist for project management.

How We Can Help

If you want to start the extensive process of taking over the repairs and maintenance of your roofs, please reach out to our team to set up the initial consultation. We look forward to meeting you and helping ensure the future of your buildings is safe by covering them with a properly installed roof.